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UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to the load when the mains power (input power) fails. The protection is instantaneous due to the energy stored in batteries. They are usually used in computer, datacenter, healthcare and telecommunication applications to protect the devices against power disturption. There is three general catégories of UPS : "Offline", "Line-interactive" and "On-line double conversion".

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  • Line-interactive
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    VI - Voltage independant 

    Line interactive topology is mostly used for enterprise networks and IT applications. It protects from black-out, undervoltage and overvoltage. In normal mode, the device is controlled by a microprocessor that monitors the quality of the supply and reacts to fluctuations. A voltage stabilizer (AVR) is enabled to boost or reduce the supply voltage to compensate for the fluctuations.  The main advantage of this topology is that it enables compensation of under and overvoltage without using the batteries.

  • On-line
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    VFI - Voltage & frequency independant

    Double conversion topology (on-line) is a basis for UPS designed for continuous power protection from all eight power problems: power failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, frequency variation, voltage harmonics, voltage distortion, high-frequency transient, power surge (with galvanic isolation). It ensures a consistent quality of power supply regardless of disturbances in the incoming mains. The output voltage is entirely regenerated by a sequence of AC to DC conversion followed by DC to AC conversion in order to create power supply without any electrical in-terference. Double conversion UPSs can be used with any type of equipment as there is no switching when changing over to battery power.

  • Modular
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    Decentralized modular technology

    The Vision modular UPS with separated "hot swap" components also called decentralized technology is the only possibility to work without the risk of a “single point of failure”. Each UPS module has all the electronic rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, battery fuse and control logic LCD display to garranty autonomous operation. Power consumption and power requirements are constantly changing. With our Vision Modular simply increase or decrease the UPS power according to yours needs to reduce installation and maintenance cost. This is fast and cost effectif. 

  • Marathon
    Vision UPS Marathon category

    Long autonomy backup UPS

    Long autonomy backup UPS with big external battery pack. Power from 800VA to 20kVA. The range includes the UPS Marathon Home, the Marathon online and the Marathon 3/3.

  • batterX
    Vision UPS Hybrid category

    Multifonctional Hybrid UPS

    The Vision Hybrid UPS working with solar energy, batteries and grid. During normal day operations, the connected load is powered by solar energy. If the solar energy is not strong enought, all missing energy is supplied by the batteries or automatically switch to normal AC supply. Additionaly to the hybrid function, the intelligent controller of the Premium DSP0.9 gives you “real time” status informations. You simply need a device connected to internet to setup and monitor the different energy flows. According weather prognostics, customer profile and energy prices, the controller will choose the most economic solution.