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    Line-interactive, on-line, modular, marathon and Hybrid

    UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to the load when the mains power (input power) fails. The protection is instantaneous due to the energy stored in batteries. They are usually used in computer, datacenter, healthcare and telecommunication applications to protect the devices against power disturption. There is three general catégories of UPS : "Offline", "Line-interactive" and "On-line double conversion".

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  • Rectifiers and chargers
  • Active power filter

    The Active Power Filter (APF) from Vision UPS acts like a harmonic current generator.  It will measure the harmonic generated from the non-linear loads and cancel these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude. The Vision APF not only compensate harmonic current but also the reactive power. It is able to correct for either a leading or lagging power factor.

  • Solar Product
    Vision UPS Solar category

    Hybrid UPS, solar inverter...

    With Pure Sine Wave output, true MPPT charger, intelligent charging, auto priority logic to charge from both mains and solar simultaneously, superior overload capability, longer backup time, it offers by using MPPT solar charger 10% more solar energy than others.

  • Lightning protection
  • Static tranfer switch

    The Vision UPS Static transfer switch allows the load to be switching between alternative and independant power sources for guaranted redundant power. The switch can be automatic (when a source falls outside of acceptable tolerances) or manually done by an user from the front panel control.

  • Batteries & analyzers

    The AGM series batteries designed with advanced technology, super heavy duty grid, high performance plates and electrolyte. The AGM series batteries have long and reliable standby life and high consistency for better performance in series usage. The GEL batteries can avoid corrosion and stratification. The special separator can properly prevent short-circuit. It can offer high deep discharge ability, super thermal stability, good recovery ability after deep discharging. The deep discharge cycles of GEL batteries can be more than 50% compared with other normal AGM batteries.The OPZv batteries designed for long lifetime and have excellent deep cycle performance. The constant power discharge capability and the low current discharge of the OPZv batteries is superior than other normal batteries. 

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