Active Power filter 400V

Power Factor Correction

The Vision APF not only compensate harmonic current but also the reactive power. It is able to correct for either a leading or lagging power factor.

Vision UPS power factor correction

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  • Modular design, easy to extend
  • Up to 51st harmonic
  • Up to 12 harmonic orders selective individually
  • Close/open Loop control
  • Improves lagging and leading power factor at input loads
  • Unbalanced loads compensation
  • Reduces apparent power consumption at the supply and saves costs
  • Resolves nuisance tripping of MCCBs
  • Programmable power factor correction
  • Full-time DSP control system
  • Easy selection and maintenance
  • Shunt connection
  • Flexible upgrading and redundancy
  • Parallel operation with different capacity
  • User friendly LCD control panel
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off)
  • Rack/wall installation
  • USB, RS232, (RS485/422, SNMP optional)
  • 2 years warranty

Power Factor Correction

The Vision APF not only compensate harmonic current but also the reactive power. It is able to correct for either a leading or lagging power factor.

LCD Display

Vision UPS active power filter

The user friendly LCD display offers access to all parameters, waveforms, harmonic spectrum system power quality, settings, status and alarms, events log and multi-language.

Close/Open Loop Control

The CT is allowed to install at source or load side for measure the harmonic current from the load. When CT is installed at source side, the close loop control method is used for best accuracy of harmonic current compensation. (When CT is installed at the load side, the open loop control will be used).

APF close/open loop control

Harmonic Current Generator

The Vision APF behaves like a harmonics current generator. It will measure the harmonic generated from the non-linear loads and cancel these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude.

Vision UPS harmonic current generator

Active Power Filter
• APF - Control Module
Input voltage400V + 15%, -20%


3 phase 4 wires/3wires
Frequency50/60Hz +/-3% (auto sensing)
Compensated harmonic ordersFrom 2nd to 51st order
Power factor correctionCompensate both lagging and leading reactive power (programmable)
CT ratioCan be set, primary current: 100-10000A, secondary current : 1A (standard) / 5A (optional)
CT locationSource or lead side
Response time< 20ms
Controllable power module400V
Number of power moduleUp to 4 power modules
ParallelUp to 8 control modules
Max. heat losses50 watt
Dimensions (WxDxH)440x710x86mm
• APF - Power Module
Input voltage400V +15%, -20%
Phase/wires3 phase 4 wires/3wires
Frequency50/60Hz +/-3%
Max. compensation current/phase35Ams
De-rating compensation current/phase30Ams
Max. compensation current for neutral105Ams
Inrush currentLess than rated current
Current limitationYes, at full correcting
Max. heat losses650watt
Dimensions (WxDxH)440x710x131mm
• Environment
Storage temperature-20°C +70°C
Operating temperature0-40°C
Relative humidity< 95%
Altitude< 1000m
Harmonic and design standardsEN61000-3-4, IEEE519-1992, EN60146
• Interface
CommunicationRS232/USB (standard) - RS485/RS22, ethernet card (optional)
Software (optional)ESD-Link34
• Control panel
LEDPower on off, filtering, full correcting, error, reset, status, alarm
LCD (optional)Parameter, waveform, spectrum, even log (up to 300), compensation setting, logic control, multi language