The Luxembourg innovation of the batterX solar storage system is a worldwide unique solution, which is now conquering the storage market in German-speaking countries as well: PV energy is produced, stored and organized in intelligent optimization scenarios with the help of the Live&Smart system on the basis of an online double-converter UPS. Energy sources and consumer control as well as peak load management are just a few of the widely spread applications of the "system with the energy mix", which combines 100% emergency power capability with double clean energy supply: as an ecologically green and electrically pure sinusoidal curve on the output side of the device.

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  • batterX® business series

    batterX® business series. Our powerful solution. Uninterruptible power storage system.

    Highest output range 10kVA to 4 MVA & battery storage 5kWh to > 1 MWh.

    10-500kVA (3/3) & 10-30kVA (3/1)

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  • batterX® home series

    batterX® home series. Grid independent energy UPS storage.

    h3: 3000W single phase

    h5€CO: 5000W single phase

    h5: 5000W single phase

    h10: 10000W three phase

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  • Lead carbon battery

    The carbon battery is based on the lead acid technology. Unlike lithium batteries standard lead acid batteries have a big discharge capacity (up to C3*). Indeed, a much longer charging time (up to 10 hours, =0,1) must be accepted to prevent sulfatization which would shorten the lifetime of the battery. The new carbon technology provides a solution for this problem: Using carbon guarantees much less sulfatization of the negative electrode. Thus, the battery can be charged up to 3 times faster (=0,3C) than a standard lead acid battery.