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Double conversion topology (on-line) is a basis for UPS designed for continuous power protection from all eight power problems: power failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, frequency variation, voltage harmonics, voltage distortion, high-frequency transient, power surge (with galvanic isolation). It ensures a consistent quality of power supply regardless of disturbances in the incoming mains. The output voltage is entirely regenerated by a sequence of AC to DC conversion followed by DC to AC conversion in order to create power supply without any electrical in-terference. Double conversion UPSs can be used with any type of equipment as there is no switching when changing over to battery power.

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  • batterX® business series

    batterX® business series. Our powerful solution. Uninterruptible power storage system.

    Highest output range 10kVA to 4 MVA & battery storage 5kWh to > 1 MWh.

    10-500kVA (3/3) & 10-30kVA (3/1)

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  • VisionMod Modular Series

    The VisionMod Modular UPS with separated components also called decentralized technology is the only possibility to work without the risk of a “single point of failure”. Each UPS module has all the electronic-rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, battery fuse and control logic LCD display to garranty autonomous operation.

    6-50kVA (1/1)(3/1) & 20-800kW (3/3)

  • VisionMod Subrack 19"

    The rack modular, scalable, hot-swappable, online double conversion UPS ranging from 10 to 40kVA/kW, with its flexible configuration of 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1, and its compact structure, is the ideal choice for small and medium data centers. 7” color touch screen LCD with integrated bypass.

  • UPS Premium VIS 10-30 kVA (3/3)

    The Premium VIS series is our best “price-performance ratio“ 3/3 phase UPS. Based on our modular UPS technology, we are able to offer extremely small UPS 10-30kVA solutions. A combination of our modular based UPS with a special DC/DC converter, the Premium VIS UPS can work with a battery voltage of only 192 to 240Vdc (adjustable). This reduce space, batteries and price. Up to 4 Premium VIS systems can be connected in parallel to get maximum power capacity. Only one battery is necessary with the parallel mode.

  • UPS Premium +33 10-300kVA (3/3)

    The Vision UPS Premium +33 is designed for healthcare and industry applications. The high-quality online UPS of Vision can be provided with a galvanic isolation transformer, wich means that the electric circuits before and after the UPS are not connected physically, but via an electromagnetic field. This increases the reliability of the protection essentially. Spikes and disturbances can not pass the galvanic isolation transformer.

  • VisionMod STR 19"

    The VisionMod STR is a UPS module for 19" racks and cabinets. Each power module is an independant UPS with rectifier, inverter and bypass. You can place it in a standard 19” cabinet.

    10-80kVa (3/3)

  • UPS Marathon 3/3 20kVA/18kW

    The Vision Marathon 3/3 UPS series is the ideal solution for industry, datacenter, IT server and home applications. Available with external batteries for long backup time.