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  • Battery AGM

    The AGM battery series are designed with advanced technology, super heavy duty grid, high performance plates and electrolyte. The AGM series batteries have long and reliable standby life and high consistency for better performance in series usage.

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  • Carbon Storage Battery

    The carbon battery is based on the lead acid technology. Unlike lithium batteries standard lead acid batteries have a big discharge capacity (up to C3*). Indeed, a much longer charging time (up to 10 hours, =0,1) must be accepted to prevent sulfatization which would shorten the lifetime of the battery. The new carbon technology provides a solution for this problem: Using carbon guarantees much less sulfatization of the negative electrode. Thus, the battery can be charged up to 3 times faster (=0,3C) than a standard lead acid battery.

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  • Digital voltage stabilizer 10.5-1000kVA (3/3)

    Digital voltage stabilizer 10.5-1000kVA (3/3) with servo motor technology.

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